The next Toyota Corolla could incorporate mechanical BMW

Toyota Corolla 2016

The current Toyota Corolla came on the market in the middle of last year 2013, however the firm’s engineers japanese are already working to shape the next generation. Let us recall that this model is very important for Toyota because that is the vehicle most sold and at your same time is the best-selling model in the world. Therefore, in order to give life to the next generation of this super sales using the modern, lightweight platform, Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).

This base TNGA, already gives life to the current Prius and C-HR and we can say that it provides a reduction of notable weight, a substantial improvement of its interior space and a better dynamic qualities; in addition to being able to incorporate a larger number of items and technology security. All of these improvements together will allow that the next Corolla, becoming the best-selling model of the japanese brand in the whole world.

Toyota Corolla de primera y ├║ltima generaci├│n

in Addition, to enhance these new qualities the brand might have some outside help. Toyota has a partnership agreement active with the German manufacturer BMW. Thanks to this agreement the teutons benefit from the knowledge that Toyota have in relation to alternative energy to power their cars. On the opposite side we have that Toyota comes out beneficial in terms of the use of mechanical cycle diesel (as already happens in the current Auris and Verso).

So, according to this agreement, the new Corolla could incorporate in their larger versions some powertrain with origin in BMW. With this combination we could have some surprises since the current Avensis is on a tightrope and as the Corolla will be larger (will also increase your distance between the axles) well could reach Europe in order to compete with the coconuts for its segment.

In any case, with the combination manufacturing and japanese technology and superior mechanical source BMW we would have a coach much to consider both in the united States as in Europe. Will have to see if finally they decide to launch it across the globe or is still reserved to their traditional markets.