The next Volkswagen Golf GTI and R will be far more powerful and lightweight

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the top-selling cars in history. More than four decades giving war in the compact segment, having managed to evolve generation after generation to adapt to each moment. Without being the best in any section, it is good in all of them, which makes it a product well-balanced.

evil tongues Say that the arrival of the eighth generation is delayed as expected due to a fault of the famous dieselgate that so much damage has been done to the brand and the Group in general. Be that as it may, it seems to be that the next generation will be unveiled in a couple of years. Yes, in 2019. To change this expectation, the Volkswagen Golf will receive a substantial reduction of its weight in all the versions, including the sports Golf GTI and Golf R. These, in addition, will increase significantly their powers. But, how much are we talking about?

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017

The average German Auto Bild states that the reduction of the weight of the range Volkswagen Golf will be between 35 and 70 kg. May not seem like a slimming very large but, depending on which areas you will reduce, you will notice more or less in the dynamic response of the compact German. In addition, this same media says that the version GTI will increase your power until you reach 250 CV, a point that places it in direct fight with the Ford Focus ST. Compared to the Volkswagen Golf R claim which will increase from 310 CV, current pay 350.

The Golf R for its system of four-wheel drive and 350 HP might appear to be a rival quite comparable to the Ford Focus RS. What it really is? A lot would have to change the tide in Volkswagen to its most dynamic version of the compact was just as sporty as the Focus RS. The Golf R is a very fast car, but it is intended to go by the site, as if it were on rails. It is practically traced to the Audi S3 Sportback that we tested it thoroughly a few months ago. However, the Ford Focus RS is a car much more beast, more racing, more for pilots.

Source – Auto Bild

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