The next Volkswagen Golf will not be able to cover as many variants

Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7The relay of the Volkswagen Golf is very similar. The company of the “people’s car” announced few days ago that the future Volkswagen Golf you would see during the next month of November, that is to say, in just a few days. We do not expect a big jump over the current model, but there will be improvements in equipment and modifications to its range of mechanical incorporating engines of 1.5 liters both in diesel as in gasoline.

The Volkswagen Golf current is available in a large number of variants. In addition to the Golf normal, in Spain we have the Alltrack, e-Golf, Golf R, GTD, GTE, GTI and Variant. According to point from the middle Coach, this will change, as the company Wolfsburg is not going to be able to afford to have so many variants within the same model. The objective is to obtain a higher yield of the well known compact model.

Volkswagen is paid (and will continue doing for a while) the high amounts of money for the scandal of pollutant emissions. Despite the fact that sales have not fallen too much, those “debts” to the environment, governments and clients are affected, are being felt in the headquarters of Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack TDI 184 DSGCoach claims to have spoken with Herbet Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, I would have told that they need to increase the profit margins with their vehicles: “We have to simplify the product offering of the following Golf and offer less variants, because we have to get more profitability in our company”.

anyway, Herbet Diess has not deigned to reveal what will be the variants that could disappear of the range Golf. In addition to the types of bodywork, Volkswagen could also reduce the number of finishes or engines available in the next Golf. In any case, within a few months we will know the cuts caused by the scandal of the emissions.

Source – Coach

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