The next Volkswagen Polo what we’ll meet in the Lounge of Frankfurt

Volkswagen Polo recreación

Volkswagen Polo recreated by OmniAuto

next generation of the Volkswagen Polo has become one of the premieres most anticipated 2017. This model is very important for the German conglomerate as their sales are very high and therefore have gone to great lengths to create the replacement for the current generation. The revolution between the outgoing model and the incoming is almost in all the sections that make up the car and cover from your platform until the design.

To reach the market going strong and no rival will be able to play his scepter, the engineers of the Volkswagen Group continue to work to bring its dynamics. By now, mechanical data going served, but with regard to their design we still know little. Today we have many re-enactments of how it will be its exterior design, but we still lack a definitive picture that confirms to us how it will be and if it will be a miniature Golf course.

Volkswagen Polo 2017 recreación

Volkswagen Polo 2017 recreated by Theopilus

While the sixth-generation Polo is still waiting on the bench waiting to be released in final form, the executives of the largest manufacturer in the world still warming up the room before your presentation. As reported, the quote chosen for unveiling of official form (that is, if before does not filter out the images with your design before time) this model will be the Frankfurt Auto show.

Imagine that before the arrival of the month of September, the Volkswagen Group there will be released a little more information on the model. By now we know that it will be manufactured on the modern platform MQB-A0 that has premiered in the Seat Ibiza. In addition, its range mechanics will have versions diesel and petrol, ranging from 65 hp to the 150 hp of the more powerful.

we Also hope that the directors of the group confirmed in its official presentation to the arrival of the Polo GTI. This model, if everything continues as it is expected it could reach the market with a mechanical gasoline of about 200 hp. In the meantime, we must wait until the Frankfurt open their doors and you can see live.

Source – Volkswagen Group

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