The NHTSA wants that smartphones do not distract drivers

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The last decade of the past century will be marked by the awakening of new technologies. These have gotten in our lives for not to leave ever again. Its usefulness goes far beyond what we can imagine people on foot, however mixed with certain behaviors, or behaviors can be highly detrimental or dangerous.

One of the behaviors in which they are mixing is in the driving. Every day our cars are more loaded with technology, and if this were not enough of us (I include myself in the sack) it seems that we are not able to release the mobile, even though we’re driving, and our lives are at a serious risk. NHTSA of the united States want to start to curb this type of behavior and as not seen in the drivers of collaboration I want to do it any other way.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants manufacturers and developers smartphones help for that when the drivers match their mobile to their cars they not able to use certain functions to avoid distractions and accidents. To carry it out have sent a report to Google, Apple, and other manufacturers in order to assess in what areas you could be involved in order to improve the safety of drivers.

In this report, in addition, it includes a recommendation to these manufacturers. The NHTSA would want the smartphone to take a “driving” the styling of the “plane” that we have now. With this measure, once the mobile access to the interior of the vehicle the driver could not access to certain functions of your phone and therefore driving would be much safer.

This report published by the NHTSA belongs to the second phase of the work they are doing to prevent drivers from using the new technologies while driving. So soon the results are not very bright, but with the time any action is to be taken and they will be in the lead.

Source – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)