The Nissan 350Z and the Furious: Tokyo Drift could be yours


Want to feel like Takashi king of drifting? We talked about one of the main characters of and the Furious: Tokyo Drift , the third film in the series “Full”, and perhaps the least popular of all the series, due to the absence of major protagonists as part of the plot. Anyway, it’s a film that has left us memorable scenes and vehicles. One such vehicle is this Nissan 350Z prepared by VeilSide . A car could be yours as it is for sale in the UK at the moment.

The car is registered in the UK and Europe can circulate without any problems.

The car is the unit that participated in the film, and is sold with a certificate proving that cinematic use. It is an exemplary shoe with a body kit Version 3 Wide Bodykit of Veilside, and equipped with a propeller 3.5 V6 highly modified. Although Supra Paul Walker in the first film did not have the engine tweaked – and was an atmospheric – this Nissan has been prepared by the specialist APS . Instead of the standard 280 hp, engine now develops 420 hp thanks to a turbo system.

350z-tokyo-drift-3 The torque has also increased to 570 Nm, a figure more than respectable. No benefits are specified, but is certainly a 0-100 km / h in less than 5 seconds . However, it is a car with a setup for drifting, and this is also shown in a kit body nice and very Japanese, but you begin to weigh the years. This is especially evident in vinyl body, belonging to an era that has left 10 years ago. Yes folks, time passes faster than we think, and does not forgive.

The interior is almost standard with the exception of a new steering wheel, a roll cage and handbrake lever specially adapted for drifting. The clutch and differential courtesy of Nismo, and are specially designed for the practice of this controlled skid. The price of this car is currently no less than 149,995 pounds sterling . A high price given the Supra Paul Walker in the first film in the series was sold for 120,000 pounds.

350z-tokyo-drift-4 Although a less iconic car, the dealer sells it says it can garner access to exclusive events and appreciate. What do you think? Is it important enough to spend more than 200,000 euros?

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