The Nissan GT-R and its curious solution to pick up the christmas tree

nissan-gt-r (1)Despite the fact that at christmas you still have some days, for some, the most awaited is about to arrive with the kings this Wednesday, all of us has gone through the head the same, the return to routine. Gone are the dinners, carols and candies, and therefore, that christmas tree that adorns the hall has its days numbered. To make more pleasant the work involved in removing all the balls from the tree, Nissan proposes the perfect solution. An idea that has been recorded in video and for that you need only one thing, a Nissan GT-R. Do you have to house any of them?

Unfortunately, most of us do not have the sport of the japanese house sleeping in our garage. Godzilla, as it is nicknamed, is one of the models more radicals from the market, a true monster of the asphalt, capable of devouring curve after curve without or if you want to sweat. Neither accelerates not bad, and that is its acceleration, where the “Launch Control” take a hand, is the help that we would come to remove all of the decorations our christmas tree.

nissan-gt-r (2)In the video, something more than half a minute, we see someone that could be you with a to-do list post-christmas. These include picking up the christmas tree, and, judging by the tune that you whistle, it seems that the commission has taken quite well. With peace of mind attach the tree to your beautiful Nissan GT-R, climbs on it and starts. The rest you can imagine, stepping on the accelerator and that the laws of physics do their work.

The sports car of the japanese house is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in less than three seconds. Mounts a powerful V6 3.8-liter that in your version NISMO develops nothing less than 600 horsepower. The same model expecting a renovation very soon, a new generation that promises a higher performance in addition to an improvement in the efficiency and technology of the vehicle. We are looking forward to see you.

we leave you Here the video.


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