The Nissan IDS Concept is an electric, self-contained and copy your style of driving


The Nissan IDS Concept circulating in our streets

The Hall of Tokyo has begun and with a flurry of new developments are about to be presented. Nissan has unveiled a concept that anticipates the intentions of the brand until 2020, it is called Nissan IDS Concept.

it Has 600 km of autonomy

Carlos Ghosn, Nissan President and CEO has pointed out during his press conference that we are in a historic moment in the automotive industry, in which future technologies are concerned. Have been proposed to revolutionize the relationship between car, driver and other road users.

In August 2013, Ghosn announced that, by 2020, will incorporate new technologies for driving autonomous in their future vehicles, and as they say the progress to achieve this goal advance at the projected rate.


The original opening of the doors of the Nissan IDS Concept

A car that copies your driving style

Is called Nissan Intelligent Driving and this system enhances the capabilities of reaction of the driver and compensates for human errors which, as pointed out by the brand, are the cause of 90% of the accidents. This Concept has two driving modes, one 100% autonomous, and the other where the driver takes the control, although the systems of assistance will not be turned off completely.

Has two modes of driving and will learn from your habits

mode Piloted Drive leaves the vehicle to be the lead and as we habituemos to use it, the patterns of acceleration, braking and even how to take the curves will imitate our style of driving, although not to commit mistakes.

on the other hand, in the mode Manual Drive the driver remains in control. In this mode, the Nissan IDS Concept continues to provide different types of assistance so that in case of imminent danger, the model will assist the driver in the avoidance manoeuvre required to avoid a crash.


Note that your Artificial Intelligence not only is to be used for driving, will also be used to communicate with the driver as if it were a personal assistant, alerting on the state of the traffic to topics of personal interest, such as meetings.

functional Design to create trust

The autonomous cars have many enemies, and fear is one of the most strong. For this type of driving is accepted, the public must become more familiar with it though before you have to believe that it is possible to integrate this type of vehicle in our day-to-day.

The Nissan IDS Concept shown to the road users of their presence and their intentions, eliminating any uncertainty about your next maneuver to make. For example, the lateral line that runs through your profile is a LED which Nissan called the Indicator of Intent.


The Nissan IDS Concept will detect pedestrians and will alert you of this

When you move in autonomous mode and pedestrians, motorists or cyclists is around us, the line will change color to red, indicating that the car has detected. There is even another display directed toward the outside that can display messages such as “after you” to pedestrians. What the goal? Humanizing the machine and create confidence

Interior adjustable according to driving mode

it Is a compact 5-door with a long wheelbase that ensures a comfortable living space for four people, the important thing is that it has different interior configurations depending on whether the driver chooses the mode Piloted Drive or the Manual Drive.

In the first mode the four-seat pivot toward the center by way of lounge to facilitate conversations in a way that travelling in this car is like relaxing in the living room. The steering wheel retracts towards the center of the instrument panel and shows a large flat-screen tv, the car takes the control, although the driver will be able to interact with him in obedience to his voice and his gestures.


Provision of the internal mode Piloted Drive

In the Manual mode, Drive all the seats are placed in their position conventional and the steering wheel appears next to the instrumentation.. in Addition, the use of a hollow structure in the A-pillars reduces dead corners, ensuring a good visibility. To change from one mode to another is possible by pressing a button located between the front seats called PD Commander.

These advances we’ll see in more models Nissan

According to the executive Vice president Hideyuki Sakamoto the strategy of zero-emission Nissan focuses on electric cars (EV) and its goal is to to produce and sell massive amounts of electric cars at least equal in functionality to the gasoline cars.

The Nissan IDS Concept is equipped with a high capacity battery of 60 kW/h and thanks to its low weight -your body is a carbon fibre – has a range of up to 600 kilometers. The integration of the technologies that this prototype of Nissan together will change our conception of the automobile as we know it today.


The Nissan IDS Concept will be connected to your environment

The batteries of this model can store electricity from renewable energy sources and can be reused to power buildings, such as our house.

Another reason that Nissan is working so hard in driving automated is for reduce as soon as possible victims in the road, another goal that I pursue. The majority of accidents are due to human error, and thanks to the systems integrated in this Concept these would be slashed.

We have made a thorough review of the model, what will materialize as we’re seeing? We’ll leave you this video where you can see it working: