The Nissan IDS Concept shows us the future Nissan Leaf autonomous

By the year 2020 will arrive on the market a series of vehicles from Nissan equipped with a drive system self-contained. To teach us that technology and at the same time have an idea of where to point to next Leaf, Nissan introduced the prototype IDS Concept at the Tokyo motor show.

Nissan-IDS-Concept-3Orne of the novelties that Nissan has led this week to exhibit at the Tokyo motor show is the prototype IDS Concept. It is an electric vehicle driving in an autonomous, that shows us where will the Nissan Leaf in the near future.

This conceptual work is characterized by having the driving system autonomous new generation, which by 2020 will equip the vehicles of the japanese brand. It is a system that allows two driving modes: one manual, in which the driver has control of the vehicle and the other is a mode driven, through which the vehicle operates in an autonomous way, with the data that you previously learned from the driver, that is will accelerate and decelerate in the same way as the driver when running in manual mode.

The system has sensors that continuously monitor what is happening around the car and in case of detecting a threat will take action even when driving in the mode of manual driving, helping the driver to perform an evasive dodge.


The next Nissan Leaf will have a driving system self and will make use of a great technology.

Its exterior design has put the focus on the aerodynamics, with a body made of carbon fiber and thin tires with a low rolling resistance. But at the same time, Nissan opted for a aggressive design, with a lot of personality and packaging compact.

in Addition to features with overhangs quite short and the wheels located well to the ends of the body, with the intention to maximize the interior space. Additionally, it is outstanding lighting and outdoor led screens, designed to to inform pedestrians about the presence of the car and their intentions.

Observing the interior there’s no doubt that we are in front of a car that drives by itself. With an interior design more akin to the living-room of a house, because the passenger compartment is modified depending on the driving mode chosen. When you select the driving mode autonomous the steering wheel recedes towards the center of the instrument panel, at the same tempo that overlooks a large flat-screen tv. The four individual seats can be rotated to allow a better contact between the four occupants when the vehicle is driven by itself.

To select the manual mode, the wheel reappears, at the same time that a sophisticated system of head-up display display information about the route and relevant data of the car or the environment. At the same time the lighting of the interior takes on a blue color, which according to the manufacturer does not but stimulate the capacity of concentration of the driver.

Nissan IDS Concept has a system of propulsion is entirely electric that works thanks to the power of a battery of 60 kWh, which ensure a range quite larger than that of the current Nissan Leaf with a battery of half the capacity and an autonomy of 250 kilometres.