The Nissan Juke, Hyundai would be to be presented

HyundaiWhen Nissan it appeared that it would run out of ideas to fight in the C-segment came up to launch the “first” SUV or all-way compact. This experiment was born the Nissan Qashqai and unwittingly have become the brand to follow for all the others. This same recipe followed a market segment below and created the “first” SUV urban with the Nissan Juke.

During years have been the undisputed leaders of the segments SUV C and SUV B, however the competition has seen the vein that he represents, and each day there is a new rival. In this case one of the brands that best it has done is Hyundai. The Korean house has not cut a hair, and in very little time with his Ix35 and now Tucson has been put at the same level in sales of the Qashqai.

HyundaiAs for reedit this success but in a lower segment they are going to launch a new all-way urban. With this new model of iran full by the Juke Nissan’s and the models that inhabit this segment of the market. For this purpose, the engineers of the Korean house will be based on the platform of the Hyundai ix20 conveniently adapted to meet the needs of the customers to use.

With respect to its range mechanical there is still no official data, only that it could use the new engines that will mount the next generation Hyundai i30. This would be composed of petrol engines with three cylinders and 1.0 liters of displacement and power of 1.4-liter and four-cylinder. In diesel would be composed by the new 1.6-liter.

With regards to your exterior design for now what we can advance is that will borrow many main lines of the concept Intrado (which you can see in these photos). This same may apply to the interior in which we can see lines simple and clean, but for it to step to the production should be smoothed and simple. In addition, as it is logical to expect materials and finished to a good standard.

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