The Nissan Leaf becomes the first car funeral electric


The Nissan Leaf funeral british.

If just yesterday we were doing a speculative exercise about the future of this industry, today we woke up with a bump of reality, to discover the first car funeral electric.

Obviously, the electric technology will impose in more and more segments, so it is not surprising that any vehicle for services end up relying on this technology, however, we were surprised to discover that there is already this option for this type of car.

This is based on the Nissan Leaf, and has been developed by the company Brahams Electric Hearses, in collaboration with the funeral home Leverton & Sons, both with headquarters in the United Kingdom. And this is not a mere one-off or concept, is the first issue of a fleet that seek to produce and market.

This disposes of the body in the classic black color, but it has seen modified severely on the passenger side of. To be a vehicle british the steering wheel is located to the right, so that the modifications are found to the left.

Due to the size of the Leaf, much shorter than the family models taken as a basis for these transformations, the area intended for the coffin reaches practically to the dashboard, so that the rider sits almost next to his side. In the same way, all the left-hand side has been replaced by a large window with a panoramic view. This great window has curved shapes, for to be able to expand to the width of the interior and the better reception of the coffin, which sits on a base which is motorized, to facilitate the task of moving the own coffin.

The scope of this model, which has not received modifications at the level of mechanical or frame, so only the above-mentioned, is about 135 miles, and according to the directors of the company, to be electric and not using fuels, your cost of use will be more economical than the conventional. Is already available in a wide range of colors, we understand that all very sober.