The Nissan Micra 2017 is still being finalized in Spain

we’re Not going to fool you, Nissan has focused both on the range SUV that has left a little aside to the rest of the members of the fleet. The Nissan Micra has been one of the victims, until now, well as you know is undergoing a major renovation that we will see in the coming year. A new Nissan Micra is coming and here we can see it in their testing phase.


despite the abundant vinyl camouflage, one comes to realize the radical change of design

The truth is that it is not the first time we see it. The previous time was a few months ago. From the first moment has called attention to the radical change of design. It has nothing to do with the current, and if we have to set a reference, nothing better than the Nissan SWAY Concept to guess how it will be the utility.

recently, we present to you a recreation on how to will definitely be the new Nissan Micra. The evolution is quite remarkable and in addition successful and of great taste. there is No lack of oriental influences, with the ribs marked and sharp style, but not for that reason the Nissan may have forgotten to provide details of european style.

The interior has not been allowed to see for the time being, but will also change a lot. Its structure is for the moment unknown, but it sure incluirá an important and impressive collection of attendees and driving aids. A series of devices that will borrow from its bigger brothers, such as the Nissan Qashqai.


The Micra will feature a range of motor varied with blocks of three-and four-cylinder

As we have already said will use new platform, that involves a change of engines. The range will be reviewed by the full, encompassing new blocks including diesel and petrol. At this point surely borrowed many bases of the Nissan Note, which may include some variation from the partner of Nissan, Renault.