The Nissan Murano is a star in the trials of LatinNCAP

Nissan Murano

crash tests are essential to verify that the brands sell vehicles with enough security to withstand a loss. In the last few years the obtaining of five stars in these tests was disclosed by the marks to the four winds, however with the hardening they have undergone, not all manage to achieve the highest score. All law enforcement agencies to test the safety of cars have been hardening in function of the evolution they have undergone the cars and their technology.

LatinNCAP is the agency in charge of to measure the safety of cars sold in Latin America. These countries are accustomed to the brands sell cars with a high safety below that provided in other countries of the globe, but many brands have a bad surprise when one of his cars “good” does not get the note that they expected it to be.

The model that has crashed this time in the test Latin NCAP has been Nissan Murano that is manufactured in the united States. This model was equipped with stability control (ESP) and seven airbags, and in spite of all this only has managed to get two stars in protection for occupant adult and four stars in the protection of children in crash tests. The only aspects in which has best responded have been the side impact test with and without post. In these the occupants have not suffered serious injury.

The element that has failed for which the vehicle has obtained this low note not found in the lack of equipment security, but in its structure. In the head-on collision the steering column interfered in the space for the feet causing the driver to suffer significant injuries. Therefore, many times the safety of a car depends exclusively on your safety equipment and if your structure is able to keep stable when it undergoes an impact.

To finish we must mention that this test was sponsored by Nissan but after analysis of the model and seen the results the firm nippon will work to improve the security of your mid-size SUV to improve these data.

Source – Latin NCAP

Nissan Murano

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