The Nissan Note will cease its marketing in Europe

Nissan Note Black EditionThe Nissan Note is a product rare. Better said, was a concept rare in the time of launched to the market, after that came some similar. The Note landed into the market over ten years ago and, in their time, you could consider a car rare as they used a body type mpv, although on a smaller scale. This gave him a cabin wide to their compact dimensions, but, however, the boot was very content.

a Few years after the launch of the Nissan Note, the japanese brand put up for sale Nissan Juke, a vehicle which in its day was also very unusual, but that had (and continues to have, until our days) good results. With the crossovers of medium size in full swing, the small crossover opened the segment todocaminos urban. This took a toll on the Note, because canibalizó part of their sales. However, he has continued in marketing until our days, but soon will disappear from the map.

Nissan Micra 2017With good results achieved at the Juke and the recently launched Nissan Micra, the japanese manufacturer can’t afford to continue marketing the Note, and it is that the refreshed Micra also steal sales of the small van. Nissan is not interested to have multiple roosters in the same henhouse, referring to coop with the models of small size of the brand. For this reason, the head of sales for Nissan Europe, Guillaume Cartier, has confirmed the cessation of the production of the Nissan Note.

The words used by Guillaume Cartier regarding this decision to withdraw the Notice of the market were: “I use the image of the casino. If I’d bet on many boxes I do not win much. Now I’m betting for only a”. The Spanish proverb would be: “to whom much covers, little squeezes”.

sales of the Nissan Note are falling considerably in Europe. In fact, in the first eight months of the year only sold 24.800 units throughout the old continent, while the previous year was sold over 33,000. Keep the small mpvs on the market, at the same time that it begins to market the new Nissan Micra, it would be like to let him die bleeding to death, something that the brand can not afford.

Source – Automotive News