The Nissan Sway forms Concept ahead of next March



N Nissan he had shown by way of advancement, in images that little left to see. But today debuted officially in the Geneva Motor Show on Nissan Sway Concept, a conceptual work that shows the format that next generation of Micra (March) could adopted in 2016 when it’s announced generational change.

This is a prototype that falls within the Segment B Nissan prepared especially for consumers in the European market. The Sway Concept features a body of 4.01 meters long , 1.78 meters wide, 1.38 meters and a wheelbase that is located at 2.57 meters.

A nievel aesthetic it is a product of innovative design , with a front that is presented with a sharp headlights, grille V-shaped and a bumper with two large air intakes. The sides combine the marked and winding waistline , a roof with steep drop and no B-pillar, and the prototype is presented with a suicide rate backdoors.

Nissan-Sway-Concept-1 highlights the dual output integrated into the bumper escapes, which in its lower section fitted with a diffuser with integrated fog lamp, some LED headlights shaped C and discreet in the posterior region spoiler on the rear window.

To the passenger compartment Nissan says his inspiration was the prototype IDX Coupe Concept , which debuted in 2013 as a novelty at the Tokyo Motor Show. Inside abound ivory tones combined with dark blue .

Its design is based on functionality, but nevertheless boasts a nice minimalist aesthetic.

large format touch screen trapezoidal centrally located and an instrument panel that combines two aluminum clocks , that inside home to two digital panels is emphasized where the functions are displayed speedometer and tachometer, and a third small screen where indications integrated browser replicated.

Nissan-Sway-Concept The interior is complete with seats made of aluminum and coated with an upholstered combining various shades of blue. Some details in orange interior decorating sectors, the same color repeated in parts of the body.

The multifunction steering wheel has the command buttons integrated very discreetly, while in the center console controls the air conditioning and engine start button are combined.

The head of the department of creative design of Nissan Shiro Nakamura said to Nissan Sway Concept your desire is to bring new ideas, fresh and revolutionary for products Segment B. The new Nissan Micra (March) will be introduced in 2016 and will designed and built in Europe .



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