The Nissan Tsuru says goodbye, finally, with the special version “Good Way”

Nissan Tsuru Buen Camino

On several occasions we have spoken in Nissan Tsuru and his life’s journey. As we already know, for years, has been one of the cars most sold in Mexico and it is also one of the most years has been in production. In all of them has just received major changes both in its appearance as in elements of security. The latter aspect is the one that has caused Nissan has been forced to cease their selling, because otherwise I would have followed between us for several more years.

however, and as often do many brands before the end of the production and sale of a model emblematic, in Nissan they want dismiss the Tsuru with a special edition. As reported by the trademark, the name is “on-track” and it would put a little color on your exterior and interior to a model which in recent months has been in the news more for its problems of security for his or her sales or records of production.

Nissan Tsuru Buen Camino

Nissan Tsuru Good Way does not offer any modification in the elements of safety and focuses all of the improvements in hardware aesthetic or comfort that can’t carry his brothers of range. The main elements that distinguish it are the new color “blue orion” to play with the tone of the upholstery of the seats and a commemorative plaque “Good Way”. In terms of comfort features, the Tsuru incorporating central locking with a remote control, power steering, alarm, a new team (not integrated) sound with four speakers, which plays CD-MP3, has SD card slot and Bluetooth.

An element of comfort that lack, and it’s quite, it’s the air conditioning, although the firm allows you to purchase it as an option. As with the security elements, the range mechanics of the Tsuru do not receive changes. The Good Way retains the block petrol 1.6-litre air intake with 106 hp associated with a manual gearbox five relationships. To finish, the suggested price in Mexico of this special series is about 172.500 weights, or what is the same about 8 thousand euros at the exchange.

Good Journey, Nissan Tsuru (to see if it is already final).

Source – Nissan