The Nissan Versa and the March (Micra) was subject to Latin NCAP

Nissan Versa LatinNCAP

we All know how important that is the security in a car and to know we have the evidence of shock which made organisms as important as EuroNCAP in Europe, or LatinNCAP in Latin America. Thanks to these we know if a car is more or less secure, and especially if your manufacturer we can to ensure a minimum survival if we suffer a traffic accident.

LatinNCAP is going to close the year by submitting to their crash testing the Nissan Versa and the March (our Micra). It seems that this organism has been obsessed with the signature japanese because lately their crash tests are the more publicity they have. In addition, it seems that Nissan didn’t just make things all that well because they have crashed (pun) in almost all the tests that have been done with their models.

Nissan March LatinNCAP

The failure most talked about was the that suffered with the Tsuru. The sedan that the brand sells (still for sale) in Mexico was a real coffin with wheels (I say it with knowledge of cause). Its outdated structure (based on a car from the 80’s) and few security systems, added to that has been on the market for about 30 years made listed as the vehicle more unsafe world.

a couple of months Ago, the agency conducted the crash testing relevant Nissan Versa that is manufactured in Brazil and the result was a four-star. Now, however, he has touched the shift to the that is manufactured in Mexico and to add insult to injury has been that is unsafe that his brother carioca. According to officials of LatinNCAP the structure and the restraint systems are not the same and therefore the result of the tests it may not be the same.

This same situation has also suffered little March (our Micra). As with the Versa, the firm ensured that their security level was the same as that manufactured in Brazil. However your score also has been three-stars, noting the difference that exists in a same product manufactured in two different countries.

we Hope that Nissan (and the rest of brands that do this kind of thing, ahem General Motors) equals security of all their models and not have to see more of these results in crash tests.

Source – LatinNCAP

Nissan Micra

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