The Nissan X-Trail 2017 is revealed to the other side of the pond


The american model reveals the final aspect of the european

just Yesterday you were showing the first image in the Nissan X-Trail 2017 through its sorpresivaparticipaciĆ³n a spot advertising the brand in the united States. His official debut has not been made to wait too long because last night the same was presented in Miami on the new Nissan Rogue 2017, the name by which is known the SUV in those lares. We know the novelties that will be on the other side of the pond but we don’t know if all of them will be included in the european.

We are clear that the design will be the same except in the name of the model. As we get ahead of ourselves in the publication of yesterday the new front is dominated by a new grille with company the Or chrome, the intake air this extends downward as the openings between the chrome and the headlights have disappeared. The headlamps take on a new design, including a silhouette slightly modified at the ends but not lose the feature LED lighting in the form of boomerang.

New design, technology and mechanical hybrid

defenses, acquire a new more rugged design where the front fog lights become trapezoidal in place of the spherical. Before moving up behind, we find a new design 19-inch alloy wheels for the finishes more high, once in it, the manufacturer has prepared for us new optical technology rear LED where we also see another boomerang. the defenses in this part have also been modified with a new diffuser, and chrome catadopticos of the ends located above.


Now the tailgate can be opened hands-free, optional

The interior has been renovated with a new wheel base is flat to give a sportier feel to the SUV of Nissan and the current that binds a redesign of the central console and the gear knob. The cabin also benefits with the introduction of new finishes and fabric upholstery for the seats.

Your technology has been expanded in this update to the model. The new X-Trail features a new adaptive cruise control and the system of anti-collision front right now also detect pedestrians, some changes that a priori seem very significant, but which are of great usability for the day-to-day. In addition, now the SUV also adds as an option the possibility of open the trunk automatically with a motion sensor under the rear bumper, very handy for when we go to load bulky baggage in the trunk and have your hands occupied.

The american model brings innovations in the mechanics, yes, they can come to our market contrary to our initial assessment yesterday. On the other side of the pond the Nissan Rogue will be sold with petrol engines of 2.5 liters and four cylinders, but its presentation has come in the format petrol hybrid that combines a 2.0-liter with an electric motor whose combined output is 178 HP.


The new steering wheel, and the redesign of the central column rejuvenates the SUV japanese

The consumption of the hybrid front-wheel-drive is 6,9 l/100 km, -1.2 litres in comparison with its equivalent of combustion, and 7.1 litres for the version 4×4. The lithium-ion batteries are located under the trunk impacting on its ability to minimally since only the redice in less than six litres.

Would have to wait for the debut of the new X-Trail european to know specifically what these are acquiring the model that are sold in our region. The exterior design and increase its technology is plausible that also comes to be sold here and the introduction of a new mechanical hybrid gasoline also would fit in the dealers european.