The Nissan X-Trail will be updated in 2017 incorporating a diesel engine of 190 hp

Prueba Nissan X-trail 1.6 dCi 130 CV 4x4The Nissan X-Trail could be considered as the big brother of the Nissan Qashqai. Belongs to the segment D-SUV, and their skills are more focused to travel by asphalt with a high level of comfort to escape to the mountain, away from the asphalt and walkways in a proper state. In addition, it incorporates a third-row seat with two seats compact that can get us out of trouble on occasion, but who, to say truth, are not very recommendable for use during long journeys.

The case is that about one-half of its cycle of life and the japanese brand is already preparing a update for this SUV. Its arrival to the market is planned for the next year 2017 and, as usual, there will be minor cosmetic changes in the bumper, maybe slight modifications to lighthouses and pilots, new wheel designs and some changes in the cabin which will improve your quality interior.

prueba-nissan-x-trail-81This car already has with the famous and complete a shield of protection, smart of the brand, which debuted with the second generation of the Nissan Qashqai, so that, as far as technology is concerned, surely only improve on the infotainment system and connectivity, adding a help system to the driving.

on the other hand, according to our fellow british AutoExpress, the updated Nissan X-Trail released a new diesel engine that will be the top of range. It will use a block of 2 litres rail common and, how not, supercharging by turbo. Apparently, a high charge of the brand revealed to the british that the new engine will yield maximum power 190 hp.

Prueba Nissan X-trail 1.6 dCi 130 CV 4x4Currently the motor with higher performance in the Nissan X-Trail is the 1.6 turbo petrol with 163 bhp, being the top of range in the family diesel 1.6 130 cv. With this move, Nissan aims to reach out to an audience that demand a greater figure of power, because currently, this SUV sells 40% of its units in the trim level of the highest, the Tekna, so that their clients did not care too much to invest a few hundred euros more to have a higher power.

as Well, the Nissan X-Trail will be able to compete on virtually equal terms of mechanical models such as the new Seat Ateca, although unknown if the new 2-liter 190 hp will come with manual or automatic transmission, front-wheel drive or integral, or if can be combined.

Source – AutoExpress

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