The Nissan Z will continue with life

The Nissan Z has not died yet. In its next generation could share a platform and mechanical with the replacement of the Juke, which could involve the adoption of a 4-cylinder engine.

Nissan-370ZLas news came of the last Frankfurt Auto show failed to sound the alarms of the fans of the japanese brand. Is that the SUV Nissan Gripz, a prototype presented at the salon German is shaping up as the substitute for the Nissan 370Z. Until the brand itself stated that the Datsun 240Z had been one of the sources of inspiration for designs to the Gripz.

With all of that, there was no more to give for dead to the Nissan Z. Until today. Hiroshi Tamura is the product manager for the sports products of the brand, including the division NISMO and it was he who was commissioned to explain to the australian press that the Gripz do not officiate as a substitute of Z, although it did so by a response which is not defined in a clear way the idea: “I don’t want that to happen.”

The replacement of the Juke and the new Z could share a platform and mechanical.

it Is a fact that SUV’s are the star growing in the market, in all segments, and it is also true that the coupe sports attract ever less buyers. It is for this reason that the Gripz will become the next Nissan Juke, with an exterior design that pays homage to the Z-line, with the packaging of a body SUV. But that doesn’t mean that Nissan is determined to leave the legacy of the Z, but on the contrary, the Gripz could contribute to the survival of the coupe.

What is certain is that both models will be able to share the platform, in addition to many structural elements, and mechanical, which would make the next Z more profitable. Clear that all of this has not yet been officially confirmed, but it was there points to the idea, that is to achieve that the next Z will be transformed into a more efficient product in terms of costs, which according to the own words of the Tamura would mean the adoption of a more simple 4 cylinder engine.

Everything seems to indicate that there will be a new Nissan Z, perhaps a lot more simple that the 370Z current, but perhaps much closer to the concept of the original model and possibly more in tune to what today’s offer Subaru and Toyota with the BRZ/GT-86.