The Nomad Ariel in action in this video

ariel nomad off road 5 e1420570118712 El Ariel Nomad en acción en este vídeo The British manufacturer Ariel surprised us all a few days ago with a series of sketches that would advance us a new model, based on the very rapid Ariel Atom, it would be positioned as an authentic toy enjoy driving off- road good, rather simple tracks, thanks to a longer travel suspension and weighed himself, off-road tires, windshield, the roll hoop and protections to guard the mechanics.

On January 6 our colleague Eduardo told us all the secrets behind the Ariel Nomad, accompanying the article with a series of snapshots that do nothing to feed our desire to get their hands on this device. However, until today we have not seen it in motion and is a video on Ariel Nomad can only promise fun, fun .


In this small video we can see the Ariel Nomad in action, running at a rapid pace kilometers of single tracks muddy, making it clear that it is a perfect weapon for these sections . We can also hear the roar of his 2.4-liter engine and 240 hp Honda origin . In terms of performance, this model states a zero to sixty in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 200 km / h due to short runs of change.

How strong is enrollable point out that, like his brother asphalt, thus facilitating their use and will not have to have a platform to move up the field. If you like this concept off-road superlight, because only weighs 670 kilograms, of English origin have to wait until summer when start your marketing with a price of 40,000 euros .

Article The Nomad Ariel in action in this video was originally published in Current Motor.

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