‘The Nonna’, the Pagani Zonda that has travelled 1 million km

This is the Pagani Zonda Prototype 2, produced in the year 1998 as the Zonda C12. The workers of the factory he was nicknamed ‘the grandmother’ and restored it completely to the birthday number 60 of Horacio Pagani.

Pagani Zonda La NonnaVer a supercar with more than 1 million kilometers on your odometer is not something that happens every day, but if we speak of a product manufactured by Horacio Pagani in an artisanal way, the idea charges some sense.

Is that Pagani Automobili is a family business and almost 20 years ago when it was manufactured, this C12, the budget was limited, therefore this unit he was acting as a mule for testing new products and improvements. The Prototype 2 was manufactured in the year 1998, then as Zonda C12, equipped with the first version of the engine V12 M120 6.0-litre displacement, which developed the 394 horsepower, which allow reaching a maximum speed of over 330 km/h.

Pagani Zonda La NonnaBut over the years, the Prototype 2 was used by Pagani for the development of components for new models, which meant that the model suffered various modifications. That meant that he was updated to the specifications of the 12-S 7.0 and gradually all the components that were modifying the Zonda over the years, until you reach the 760. Since the mule testing at the factory, all the components passed first by ‘La Nonna’, before getting to the production models.

factory workers nicknamed him ‘The Nonna’, which in Italian means ‘The Grandmother’ and while its functions as a mule already ceased, maintains the privilege of being the Pagani oldest in existence. It is for this reason that the Prototype 2 has returned to its original state after it has been completely restored with the double purpose of homage to Horacio Pagani in his birthday number 60, at the same time which will form part of the new museum of the company.

Your body has returned to the color silver original, with portions of carbon fiber exposed, although with some details stylistic legacy of the Zonda Cinque. An Italian flag runs across the bodywork, while the interior is of red color.

Pagani Zonda La Nonna