The “normal” Alfa Romeo Giulia will be presented at the upcoming Geneva Motor

We are looking forward to the arrival of the new streets Alfa Romeo Giulia . An Alfa Romeo Giulia for which we had to wait and which will have to wait because evil tongues say that not see it at dealerships Alfa Romeo up within one year . Earlier in March , we will find the “easier” version.

Previous rumors had pointed to the Alfa Romeo Giulia arrive in dealerships in the fall of 2016. The logic took us to think and therefore in Geneva to meet the “normal” model.

According to Auto Express have to wait until March to Geneva to meet the popular version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia as we do not forget that so far we have seen the Giulia was the performance based version, alternative seal “Quadrifoglio Verde”, the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV .

We may then further details of the mechanical range that will encourage and what may be his presence without the sportier bumpers, and ultimately convince the bulk of customers who are evaluating done with a BMW 3 Series a Class C or Audi A4 and not with the respective versions of these sports.

To learn more about Alfa Romeo Giulia QV …

Encouraged by a mechanical source V6 Ferrari and 510 horses at our disposal, the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV is postulated as a good alternative to BMW M3 , the Mercedes C 63 AMG and the future Audi RS4 .

You can learn more details Alfa Romeo Giulia Jan l QV article “Cuore Sportivo returns in style with the new Alfa Romeo Giulia”.

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