The numbers of Volkswagen Motorsport and the Polo R WRC


The Rally of Australia, and the later gala season finale of the WRC in Sydney to put the final point in the season 2016 for the World Rally and served as iconic scenarios to dismiss Volkswagen Motorsport. The German manufacturer leaves the WRC after playing four seasons in which he has been master of the contest, to such an extent that S├ębastien Ogier, Julien Ingrassia and the own Volkswagen end up this stage with four titles of pilots, co-pilots and marks under the arm. However, the performance of Volkswagen and its Polo R WRC have passed to the history of the WRC for many other reasons.

Since Volkswagen Motorsport has entered the WRC in 2013, the Volkswagen Polo R WRC has played a total of 52 rallies, which has won 43. With a winning percentage above 82%, without a doubt, we are talking about one of the most successful cars in WRC history. Of these 43 wins, 31 of them have been for S├ębastien Ogier on their way to the four titles he has added, while Jari-Matti Latvala closes its stage in Volkswagen with nine wins. After his victory in the Rally Australia, Andreas Mikkelsen has accumulated three wins.


with this magical data, 20 of the 43 victories, has joined Volkswagen
Motorosport in the WRC have come from the hand of a doublet of its pilots

and up to four times the team has filled all positions
of the podium. However, Ogier, Latvala and Mikkelsen have signed 87 podiums
of 152 potential, 640 scratch in 958 special disputed
and have joined
extra points in 92 times in the 51 Power Stages to which it has
faced the team throughout these last four seasons. In
this aspect, have cornered 39 victories in these 51 Power Stage.

it is likely that the Volkswagen Polo R WRC did not leave the World
, since the goal of the brand is to rent the units
that has been used for 2016 to the private pilots who compete in the
cup intended for this purpose, the German vehicle will not have any
possibility to compete with the new generation of World Rally Cars. By
thus, one could say that the output of Volkswagen Motorsport in the WRC
represents a change of era that the mark will go down in history for
accumulate up to 12 consecutive victories in the World, a milestone that also
reached on two occasions.