The Nürburgring will remove the speed limits

Nürburgring quita límites de velocidad Good news for all car enthusiasts! Nürburgring Nordschleife has decided to remove speed limits that regulated the famous path from the past year. During this period the manufacturers that used to test their sports to fund, through its more than 20 kilometres, they had to suspend the activities. The reason to control the speed of the legendary circuit was a sad accident.

a year Ago, during the first test of the Championship VNL, a competition of German resistance held in the famous “green hell”, an accident charged life of a spectator. The Nissan GT-R GT3 Jann Mardenborough came out catapulted out of the path, past a crowd of spectators. After the incident I decided to limit the speed in three sections different from Nordschleife, in addition increase security.

Nürburgring quitará los límites de velocidadThe maximum speed was limited to 200 km/h in the areas of Hocheichen and Schwedenkreuz. In this latter place, then went up to 250 km/h, similar to Döttinger Höhe. They have also installed new fencing and protective improved the firm, eliminating the potholes in some sections. Following the improvements it has been decided to put an end to the limitations from 2nd April, coinciding with the opening of the season in the Championship VLN.

This means that the marks may return to test their sporting background at Nordschleife. The requirement of the path, the constant ups and downs, sharp curves and long straights turned him into the ideal spot, getting to the point that the time of a quick lap here is considered as an indicator to the height of the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. Although these limits were within the reach of very few, it is always a good news to remove the restrictions to one of the meccas of speed.

Source – Car&Driver