The obsession of Apple for launching a car sinks to a startup electric motorcycle company

By zany that is the idea of Apple making cars, the signs pointing in that line are growing older. is Probably the worst kept secret of the story of sw. In the last few years Apple has been recruiting the best engineers from companies related to the production of electric cars, starting with Tesla Motors; and continuing for A123, a specialist in batteries. The own A123 already reported the situation this year, pointing out that Apple had caused some of his projects come to a halt, projects that, precisely, were focused on the development of batteries of a large size. The intensity with which it is recruiting workers, Apple would have even gone as far as to sink to a promising startup motorcycle founded in 2007 (of which we already spoke about in 2009).

The aggressiveness with which Apple is hiring employees related to the development of electric vehicles, and batteries of great size, has stopped projects, and has put in danger to startups like Mission Motors.

According to Reuters, sources close to Mission Motors claim that Apple, and other companies, they would have recruited their best engineers, to key employees in the development of electric motorcycles. So that the rise of electric mobility in Silicon Valley, and the aggressiveness with which companies the size of Apple are forming teams to explore his possibilities, he would have finished with the expectations of Mission Motors, while this was struggling to get funding.

As usual, no charge Apple would have to declare your version of the facts.


  • today that we all keep asking ourselves is if truth Apple is preparing a car, and how it will be that car. All indications are that Apple would have pierced the barrier of analyzing the feasibility of the project, and would already be working on a product very concrete, electric, with a very high connectivity and technology, and marking the path of the autonomous car.

    Meanwhile, Apple is recruiting an army of engineers highly specialized in electric mobility, and batteries, and leaving behind a host of defections. According to Mission Motors, Apple would have been tempted to engineers specialized in hardware and software of electrical systems, as well as algorithms of cooling and battery charging. So that the stability and the economic power of a giant such as Apple would not have given respite to a startup that went through a period too long in search of investors and whose future today is more in the air than ever.

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