The official cars of Rita Barbera could go to the scrap yard

Coches Rita BarberáBefore anything this blog is not about political issues, and in addition give us the same, but the news that we bring to pass close by our cars. We all know that our politicians like to an official car rather than a …… a pencil. Well, when the cows were fat, very fat, the town Hall of Valencia, with Dña. Rita Barberá to the front bought a number of vehicles for professional use.

These vehicles, as you can imagine are not utilitarian simple for urban use. Are two gentlemen Audis A8 one of them armored. Both cost a whopping 307.000 euros, and today, after the scandals that have destroyed the government of the city Council are in the process of public auction to be able to rescue something from the money that cost. However, the consistory of the mediterranean city has been a surprise.

Coches Rita Barberá LanciaThe surprise in question is that no citizen has registered to bid for one of these vehicles. I have to say that the Audi A8 armored account with 84,000 miles and comes out to a price of 15,000 euros. In addition, the other A8 “normal” only has 63.000 km and part from 18,000 euros. This situation has provoked that the auction is void and therefore the solution that might have these cars would be sold for scrap.

in Addition, to remind you that the ex-mayoress Rita Barbera, when he came to power his town hall left left (literally) in the garage of the consistory who was his private car until the time. The Lancia that you see in the photos was parked and collecting dust for 21 years, and when it was discovered it took another two years that would go to the scrap yard.

To finish, I notify you that the city Council of Valencia wants to break off of these vehicles and of several Harley Davison, so if you want, you are still in time to buy a nice car or bike at a price more than tempting.

Source – Office of Judicial Auctions of the city Council of Valencia

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