The old Dodge Charger Daytona in front of the current Charger Hellcat in the wind tunnel


Dodge Charger Daytona, the first of the “wing cars”.

Although we are accustomed to seeing comparative between different generations, usually these are done in static mode and as a comparative visual, sometimes as much as we can analyze the differences in techniques and dynamics of both models, but never before had we seen as compared the configurations and result in aerodynamic two generations so disparate.

In this case, we find the Dodge Charger current, a sporty sedan, that in your version Hellcat is a monster of the asphalt, compared to their predecessors, the Charger of the late sixties. Although the new model just keeps the name because the Charger’s original was not a model of 4-door, as it is the current model.

The Charger R/T is one of the muscle car’s most admired, but his version of Daytona, one of the two famous “wing-car”, is a myth of the era, and one of the models of the segment were more recognizable. At the technical level it is really about a Charger conventional, the mechanical differences and frame are minimal. Where are we going to find new is precisely in the airfoil.


Cahrger R/T 1969.

Dodge had a problem of speed in the circuits oval greater distance, where it reached the higher speeds, hence they could develop a version that was faster. As already we tell you in its day, the Dodge came to the division in aerospace, Chrysler, there a few of the engineers of missiles, John Pointer, I traced a silhouette on the image of a Charger of 1968, with the front wedge and a huge rear spoiler. Spoiler that caused a thousand and one rumors (all false) due to their large size.

In the wind tunnel, we can see that this and other measures, such as dilute to the mark in a different way the windshield and the moon back, positively affects your outcome aerodynamic, leading to more stability and less resistance to the advance.

What is curious, and least surprising, is that the Charger current, with
a front almost flat, and a discreet rear spoiler
, it offers better
results. Of course, thanks to an aerodynamic study more complete
and complex.