The old rockers japanese Dakar 2016


Japan is a country with a limited tradition in the Dakar. In spite of this, has in his record of three titles earned by Kenjiro Shinozuka and Hiroshi Masuoka in the golden era of the Mitsubishi Pajero in the car category. However, the essence of this raid, and their attraction is perfectly represented with two riders that will take part in the Dakar 2016. Yoshimasa Sugarawa and Jun Mitsuhashi ‘ll have to face in this month of January a new edition of the raid more hard of the world, without ambitious goals, but with the clear message that the Dakar is a way of life.

Yoshimasa Sugawara is the pilot is a veteran of the Dakar. His 74 years, he has played 32 of the 36 editions of the raid and have not lost any Dakar since 1983. He has competed in motorcycle, car and truck getting five second positions in the latter category. Always true to the Hino Ranger, has lacked only get a Dakar, a mission that to day of today already looks like mission impossible. A thorn that however should not hide the merit of Sugarawa. In 2016 it will compete with a Hino Ranger co-driven only by Mitsugu Takahasi, looking to find again the goal. has quit Just five times in his whole career.


Spurred on by the successes of japanese of the end of the decade
of the 90 and the non-combustible Yoshimasa Sugawara, a litter of pilots of japan
landed in Dakar. In the year 2001 he made his debut Jun Mitsuhashi. After competing in
three times in the bikes, switched to four wheels of the hand of Toyota. With
the japanese brand has suffered two retirements in his first three participations in
car, but from there reaped success after success. JMitsuhashi is
known in Spain for their duels in the T2 category with Xavi Foj, where the
japanese has added five titles

In a remarkable move of KTM Japan, Jun Mitsuhashi
returns to its origins and will compete again in moto
. To its 45 years of age, not
it seems the most logical step, but this adventurer, wants more. After so many
years without getting on a bike, the objective of Mitsuhashi passes by the end of the
rally, although their role in the Rally in Merzouga was quite remarkable. The logical thing to do
is to think that you do not have a very fast pace
, but if he manages to not fall, not
penalize you and not to make mistakes, will make shine the name of Japan in
the Dakar.