The old Tesla Model S P90D will also be able to have the update Ludicrous

Tesla has revolutionized the world of electric vehicles. The american company is in constant improvement of its products, and last year, in the summer, , we had occasion to get to know a new, so-called Ludicrous. A new battery pack of 90 kWh which improved the performance of the Model S.


Up to now, the improvement only was available for models ordered from the factory. However the company has decided to solve the problem by allowing that users of old units of the P90D also eligible. Although in a first moment, the price change was supposed to pay an extra $ 10,000.

After seeing that the same had been exceeded with the price, Tesla has reduced the price of the modification to $ 5,000, to allow a greater number of owners to include a performance improvement significant. It consists of two steps, an improvement in the battery pack and the other involves the substitution of a connector of greater precision.

Thanks to these two simple improvements, the maximum power output of the batteries goes from 1.300 to 1.500 amps, which obviously has an impact in better figures of the benefits. From 0 to 100 Km/h in 2.8 seconds, the quarter mile at 10.9 seconds and a speed 20% higher, reaching 250 Km/h.

finally, and for all the world to know that the owner has updated his Tesla Model S, is included a small plate under the sign P90D that will indicate that the car carries with it the improvement Ludicrous. In other terms of information, soon we should know about the new model of the american household, the Tesla Model 3, on the 31st of march to be exact.