The only Ferrari FXX approved for the public road to the sale for 11.8 million euros

Ferrari FXX a la venta

One of the models performance produced by the brand cavallino is the Ferrari Enzo. The name of the founder of the brand, the company wanted to pay a tribute to the development of the car more technological and fast of the time, and go that if they did so. The Enzo follows in the footsteps of the Ferrari F40 and F50, which came to light several years before. After the launch of the Ferrari Enzo appeared the edition Ferrari FXX, almost exclusively for circuit.

The Ferrari FXX was directly derivative of the Enzo, though it was a much more radical and exclusive to circuit, except a unit that are approved for circulation on public roads, which we see in the images. Under the hood a V12 6.3-liter atmospheric makes 850 HP. All of this goes through a manual gearbox six relations later to reach to the rear axle. Its features are a 0 to 100 in just over 2.5 seconds and a maximum speed is about 400 km/h.

Ferrari FXX a la venta

This unit, we repeat, the only one of all manufactured with specifications that will allow you to roll the streets, goes on sale. Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and as it is better late than never, you could disburse the 11.8 million euros (9.999.999 Pounds) who ask for it, and make happy to your partner. To me, at least, I’d like to make a gift as well, although positions should also take care of the maintenance of the vehicle, which will not be economic.

As we can see in the pictures, the exterior was made with the mythical Rosso Corsa of the brand, although with white details of this limited edition. It is rare to see a Ferrari FXX with lights front, lights blink and subsequent amendments. The interior is very spartan, as in all vehicle circuit; it even brings a few helmets for preventing injury in the ears and in turn be able to communicate with our companion.

Ferrari FXX a la venta

Source – Carscoops