The only truth of the collapse in stock market of Renault in 4 keys

The automotive industry goes through difficult times. And the best example we have on what happened this morning with Renault. The case Volkswagen has not only damaged a lot the image of a brand, but that has shaken the foundations of the entire industry. The consequences of this scandal are distinguishable in many areas. Greenhouse gas emissions are once and for all a topic of conversation common, not only among experts in the field. The authorities closely monitor, as never before had done, any indication of fraud in relation to this aspect. The manufacturers take very seriously any irregularity that may affect them. And so, perhaps, unfair is imposed as a premise that all are guilty until proven otherwise.

1. A case that has put the entire automotive industry in fabric of judgment.

The proportions, and the universality of the case Volkswagen, have led the company to put into question the honesty of all of the automotive industry. From our view of the sector, we find it hard to believe that other brands have resorted to similar practices to those of Volkswagen. We can hardly believe it as much as the fact that even Volkswagen had used the technique of defeat device, something that we can assure anyone expected. We are the first who put the cry in heaven by the fact that the models of approval used in Europe to stop the loopholes of possible techniques, that even being legal, are diluting the end result. So that the approvals of emissions and consumption not only does not reflect actual numbers, but they are not even comparable, in both it is easy to find discrepancies very different results between the approved and actual of different cars.

The problem is that the society is aware of this and his reaction, especially after the case of Volkswagen, is nothing other than to generalize and think that scams are the order of the day. And that, in any case, it is not true. In this situation it is normal that there are those who think that, if the river sounds, as is happening with Renault, is that it takes water.

renault-desplome-bolsa-022. Tricked emissions has become a mission impossible.

If there is something we can praise it for the fact that tweaking the emissions is becoming increasingly difficult. With the data that we have in our hands, it seems that the collapse of the shares of Renault is something that could have happened to any manufacturer. The case Volkswagen led all over the world began to establish a commission of inquiry to refute the data approved by the manufacturers. Also in France, where the Ministère de l ecologie, led by the Minister Ségolène Royal has created a specific commission to investigate the manufacturers of home, the so-called Commission Royal.

The French authorities would have recourse to an independent body, which would certify the emissions of 100 vehicles on the road, 25 of which are Renault. At the end of December 2015, would already be inspected 11 vehicles, 4 of which are Renault. To this day, despite the investigations that have led to the inspection of their headquarters, would not have revealed the presence of no trick illegal to manipulate emissions. In the afternoon of today would have confirmed that the research itself would have found some emissions beyond what is legal in the vehicles investigated with Renault (AFP). But it is clear that there is any trick illegal, its detection would be more likely than ever.

renault-desplome-bolsa-013. manufacturers are aware that now, more than ever, have to worry about the emissions.

Any car manufacturer to invest huge amounts of money, and a good part of their R & D investment, improve the energy performance of their engines, and in limiting their emissions of greenhouse gases. Far from it that sometimes we can convey the advertising that advocates for corporate social responsibility, these investments should not be an obsession to make the world a place for all, but to a knowledge of that in the future the control of the authorities on emissions will tighten. And it will be that tightening the right-that those manufacturers that have developed specific solutions to reduce their emissions have a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Although the subject of CO emissions2 and NOx is very present in the roadmap of manufacturers and authorities for years, the case Volkswagen has not made another thing that to reopen the debate, and advocate for a greater tightening of the emissions levels that until now were considered to be reasonable.

This means that in the next few years we will find a industry in the you really are going to take measures to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases, and especially those that had not been so much the focus up to now, the emissions of NOx.

renault-desplome-bolsa-034. investors tremble every time you see together the words “fraud” and “emissions”.

The collapse of the shares of Renault has been due, first of all, the fear that we were facing a new case Volkswagen. Thing that, on the other hand, it’s not likely to happen. Agence France-Presse echoed the information that reached him of the CGT union, which was aimed to inspections at multiple sites of Renault, and that information made that they shot the rumors, and that many investors chose to protect your investment before facing a loss as marked as that suffered by the Volkswagen Group, which he saw as in a few weeks, their actions listed below half.

This is a big problem for the automobile industry, not only because a story can lead to panic among investors, but due to the fact that volatility away to those investors who are looking for safe values and stable.

If we look at what happened this morning, not even is necessary that your brand is embroiled in a scandal, or rumor, that the shares to collapse. The contagion effect has led to that the actions of PSA Peugeot Citroën also had collapsed, although at a slower pace, and even that the brand had to publish a statement ruling out any irregularity.

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