The Opel Adam debuts a wireless charger for the mobile

Opel Adam Cargador inalambrico smartphones Opel Adam is a subcompact segment that stands out among its rivals for not only its aesthetics, but for its wide range of versions, its customization options and a vast equipment. The Opel Adam, a car is urban, chic and destined for a young public and vital to the that he likes the new technologies. Precisely to the audience you’re going to love the new wireless charger mobile of the Opel Adam, which arrives in the list of optional utility.

Despite the fact that we all have mobile phones of last generation, few can boast of getting to the end of the day with battery. The wireless charger of the Opel Adam solves many problems and makes it easier to load the phone when we are traveling. The power to dispense with cable makes charge your smartphone faster and easier, in addition to allowing us to have the interior of the car without annoying cables. While charging, the phone remains fully functional and you can connect to the car via Bluetooth.

Opel Adam Cargador inalambrico smartphonesThe base wireless charging of the Opel Adam is located in front of the shifter, under the controls of the air conditioning. It is a rubber surface which will suffice to place our phone to start the wireless charging. Obviously, it is a requirement to have a phone compatible with this charging system using electromagnetic waves with protocols Qi or Powermat. In all the small urban journeys we will be able to earn a small percentage of cargo that would appreciate.

In the German market, this option has a price of 135 € , a cost that was very competitive and well worth to be paid for get rid of the nuisance of the charging cable. For Spain still has not release the price or in which such dates will be available.

Source – Opel

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