The Opel Astra GSI 2016 teaches us his new front


The Opel Astra GSI shows for the first time their new front bumper

Opel Astra GSI it has been discovered again, this time practically naked showing off his new and interesting aspect. This variant of the new Opel Astra will remain as the link that unites the range of conventional compact with their version of top of the range, the Opel Astra OPC that is yet to come. This is the alternative to the German compact sports average power as the Ford Focus ST or the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Sportsmanship intermediate to the hunting of the Ford Focus ST and the like

we Know that this is the Opel Astra GSI as it unveils a new front bumper, clearly more sporty than the rest of his traveling companions as we see in a pair of images, with larger air intakes and a thin line chrome that go over the lower profile to give a look more dynamic. Opel will revive the classic) in the new generation of the compact.


Under the hood of the Opel Astra GSI will find the block gasoline ECOTEC 1.6 Turbo a 250 HP

In behind, we see a dual exhaust with tails at both ends of the body that indicates to us that, under its hood lies the block gas ECOTEC 1.6-litre Turbo direct injection although power output significantly higher than the 200 HP that offers in the body of three-door Astra GTC.

The power of this compact sports car is still unknown but it must be in the fork located between 230 and 250 HP to match its rivals mentioned above. We also have the new Astra OPC will be something more powerful than your current 280 HP even to overcome the barrier of the 300 HP.