The Opel Cabrio debuts engine of 136 HP with the arrival of the range 2019

Opel Cabrio 2019

The range’s 2019 of the Opel Cabrio comes with a new gasoline engine of 136 HP.

Opel Cabrio is updated with the arrival of the range’s 2019 these days start marketing in Spain. The signature of the lightning has decided a series of adjustments in the offer of his well-known convertible with the aim to adapt it to the new emission regulations in the european market as well as face their main rivals by improving its endowment.

One of the most relevant changes that accompanied the introduction of the range’s 2019 of the Opel Cabrio is the appearance of the engine 1.6-liter gasoline turbo 136 HP. It will be the only engine that we can find in the configurator as the rest of mechanics available to date. Therefore, the Opel Cabrio will no longer be available with a diesel engine.

The reason? Opel has sought to simplify the range as well as adapt your face model to the Euro 6.2 emission. The above-mentioned 1.6-liter turbo engine of 136 CV meets the above rules. May be associated with a manual gearbox or an automatic, both with six ratios. In the first case will set a CO2 emissions of 161 g/km while with the automatic transmission approvals 176 g/km

Opel Cabrio 2019

Another of the keys of the range of 2019 to the Opel Cabrio is that it improves the endowment of series a convertible German.

on the other hand, and not less important, to note that the level of finish Innovation replaces the termination Excellence that will no longer be available. With the emergence of this new finish, Opel has taken the opportunity to improve the equipment of series by introducing options that are very interesting. Now all versions will have standard with the sports seats ergonomic AGR.

The list of optional available has been reduced, as are the exterior colors for the body. In addition, the colors Mokka and Khaki for the hood stop to make act of presence in the range. And finally, note that all the prices of the convertible German have been adjusted. Have increased slightly.

Prices of the Opel Cabrio 2019 in España

Mecánica Innovation
1.6 T-136 HP 6v 34.300 €
1.6 T 136 ps Aut. 6v 35.700 €

Prices valid from May / 2018 without including discounts or other promotions.