The Opel Crossland X is left to see ahead of time

Opel Crossland X teaser

Lords, the Opel Meriva has died. The monovolúmen city of the German manufacturer will soon be replaced by a new SUV called Opel Crossland X. we already knew it, so Opel had announced some time ago your range would be several models of this segment in the market. If you remember, the Meriva was a breath of fresh air for the brand and the plant that they have in Figueruelas (Zaragoza, Spain) because its sales have been very good during the two generations that has been on the market.

however, the growth of the SUV segment has made minivans traditional have been displaced in the market, and their once-attractive, now does not influence when a customer will buy a car from these features. Both have changed the tastes and even the Citroën C3 Picasso (one of the toughest rivals in the Meriva) is also going to change his shape and to round off the square you will use the same platform and will be built next to the Meriva in Spain.

Opel Crossland X

If a few days ago we showed the spy photos that had been captured the photographers of the Citroën C3 Picasso with its suit of camouflage, today we bring you the first of the Crossland X. I must say that the camouflage leaves little to the imagination, but if we can begin to grasp some of the basic lines of your design. The former are headlamps main that will have a mixture of has released the Badge Grand Sport and the current Astra.

The side area looks like much to that shown in the current Mokka X because, although they have nothing to see a model with another, yes that saved a family atmosphere. The rear is the more doubts presented as your headlights are more stylized and in a horizontal position. Both bite off part of the gate that gives access to the trunk, which by the way seems that his threshold burden will be low.

Opel Crossland X

For now the firm has not revealed more details although its range of engines as its safety equipment and technology may have more to do with the PSA Group with Opel and General Motors. Time to time.

Source – Opel

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