The Opel Grandland X is already on sale at Amazon Spain

Amazon Spain already sells the new Opel Grandland X, although initially the offer will be limited to 20 units.

Las 20 first unit Opel Grandland X that the German firm will market in Spain, will be sold exclusively through the shopping portal Amazon, all of them with a diesel engine, automatic transmission and a staff that is very rich.

The Opel Grandland X that you can buy on Amazon takes the level of termination Excellence and their body only painted in colour “Blue Galapagos” in combination with the black roof. For your mechanical Opel has chosen the diesel engine 1.6-liter that develops 120 HP of power, in combination with an automatic change of six speeds.

The allocation for these 20 units will be very rich and will include ABS, ESP, multiple airbags, alert of involuntary change of lane, collision warning front, braking autonomous city, recognition of traffic signs, adaptive cruise control, automatic climate control two areas, view camera 360 degrees, infotainment system with integrated navigation, rear-view mirrors thermal, rain sensor, roof rails, headlights Full LED adaptive, alloy wheels of 19 inches etc

customers should be directed to the Amazon website Spain, where for 500€ you can acquire the right to reserve one of the 20 units of the new suv of the German firm, which will be delivered in Spain, and whose final sale always be held with one of the official dealer of Opel.

a Few minutes after booking on Amazon the dealer assigned to you will be in contact by telephone with the buyer to agree on how and when to make the delivery of your unit, in a period not to exceed 72 hours.

Opel has opted for the new Grandland X to start this new way of marketing their models in Spain, through the famous portal of online sales. By the time they are only 20 units the crossover between German which is interested in purchase under this scheme must hurry.