The Opel Insignia 2017 loses camouflage and mounts the optical the end

again, the Opel Insignia 2017 is the protagonist of our section of spy photos. The replacement of the sedan German is more complete each time we meet again with her. On this occasion all the thick camouflage, in the form of panels on the body have been removed to enhance our perception of its silhouette is still hiding under a thin layer of vinyl, whose pattern is designed to confuse our eyes.

in Addition, the end components of the tourism start to be installed in the prototypes, in this case we observe as the optical systems subsequent interim they have been replaced by final. Your final design is hidden behind the thin layer of black-and-white, looking carefully we can be sure that your lighting will be based on the prototype Opel Monza Concept that was presented in 2013 at Frankfurt, like the rest of the design of the vehicle.


The the second generation of the Opel Insignia surprise you even more than the first thanks to its quality, livability, technology and dynamics. The new saloon will be a completely new model developed on the platform E2XX General Motors offers other benefits, such as increased rigidity and less weight. Opel knows that one of your ballasts has always been the weight, the error that you are correcting in this new generation that started with the Opel Astra. This new Badge will be up to 200 kg lighter than its predecessor.

But despite being lighter will also gain in dimensions. The information that we have suggests that the distance between axes will grow in nothing less than 100 mm, a considerable increase has as objective to match the excellent Skoda Superb in terms of interior space is concerned. On the other hand their range of bodies is limited to two options: family and saloon, five-door, eliminating the variant of four-door that currently exists.


Its sleek and sporty design drawn from the Monza Concept also will be accompanied by a wide envelope of technology both for leisure and for safety. The new Badge will have the possibility to equip headlights LED matrix “LED IntelliLux”, the system Opel OnStar emergency call auto and personal assistance, as well as the latest system of info-entertainment IntelliLink is compatible with devices Apple and Android and a long list of assistance to the driving.

The new Opel Insignia will be revealed very soon to reach the market during the next year. The Frankfurt show 2017 is the ideal setting for their official debut.