The Opel Insignia 2017 starts its development on the tests of winter

We have been in since last August behind the Opel Insignia 2017. One of the models most eagerly awaited by its huge commercial success. What we have seen in a multitude of locations, including Spain. On this occasion, as is usual given the dates, we find him submitting to the usual tests of winter.


The Opel Insignia 2017 is already in place, and each time we see more lightweight camouflage

Little by little, the Opel Insignia is losing vinyl camouflage and stopped to light various aspects of your final design. On this occasion the camouflage allows us to glimpse the aspect that will have the frontal, and a large part of the back. Although in this last area we find more items of a temporary nature.

Even so you can see clearly that Opel is going to radically change the design of the Badge. In a certain sense, the mule’s camouflage reminds us of the prototype Model presented at the iaa in Frankfurt 2013, the Opel Monza. This concept has taken on special relevance in the current models, because they all derive from that style that has now become a brand image.

moreover Opel is going to follow the same guidelines as with the Opel Astra new. It will use an entirely new platform, the E2XX GM, that if well will not vary in excess of the external measurements, yes it will be in the battle, as it is expected to grow about 10 centimeters with respect to the current model. According to our information, this change is because the German brand wants to offer the same space and livability that the Skoda Superb. Big words.


Their new platform will give a greater distance between axes and a greater habitability

this platform is coupled with a lighter construction. it Is estimated that the Badge lose around 200 kilograms. A work of engineering that goes beyond the simple, the sedan will start counting with systems and latest-generation technology, such as the Head-Up Display, WiFi, assistants to the driving… that Is to say will come loaded with possibilities,

The possibilities will also come to the time of select body. On this occasion, and in all of the above, we have seen the Insignia five-door. This will not happen until next year. Six months later to land the family version, the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, to which we have not yet seen. I must say that Opel has decided to discard the version of four-door, leaving only these two units for sale.

finally, the field of the mechanics is the least explored at the moment. We know that all the mechanics will be reviewed and updated, but by the time we do not know if there will come some version hybrid or hybrid plug-in. It is early to tell but surely begin to know more as you approach the date of filing.


Opel will eliminate the body of four doors, leaving just two possible versions