The Opel Insignia 2017 visit Spain


The Opel Insignia 2017 has been sighted in Spain

New spy photos of the second generation of the Opel Insignia coming to our writing. The sedan has been along for the ride for our country, in particular in The Canary Islands. Where has continued to carry out the tests in warm weather previous view debut 2017.

On this occasion, presents what’s new in the front, where part of the bumper has been released from his camouflage for allowing us to see new details. In the rear we look as this unit is equipped with a module for the study of the emissions during the march.

let us Remember that the future sedan Opel is built on the new modular platform E2XX of General Motors, its parent company, which among other benefits will allow you to to considerably reduce the weight scale, roughly 200 kg estimated, which will result in a saloon of greater efficiency.

The second generation will only be available in body and family sedan five-door, being in the oblivion version of four doors. The photographed model corresponds to the five-door with an attractive drop-ceiling that extends almost to the end of the gate, which gives it a ample room for the introduction of bulky items in your trunk.

In the images we can see that you will possess a look more dynamic than its predecessor, with some lines of design that we will recognize the new Opel Astra. It will also have a important technological endowment and connectivity as well as a Head-Up Display and the new package of services Opel OnStar which is a access point WiFi to connect multiple devices simultaneously.