The Opel Insignia and Zafira called to review by a failure in the steering knuckle

Opel Insignia calls to review seem to be the order of the day lately. If yesterday we knew a Toyota, today it will be the turn of several models of Opel. Apparently the Opel Insignia and Zafira manufactured in 2016 may be a defect in the steering knuckle. Will not be the only ones, as the Opel Mokka 2015 and 2016 might have a problem in the module of the brake.

In the case of the Insignia and Zafira the problem would be that the patella of the address would be not be tight in particular in the steering knuckle. This default could trigger a loss of steering control and end up in an accident, in the worst case. I must say that these potential failures only appear on vehicles with many miles not replace it or repair it.

zafira-tourer-diesel-120cv-1In the case of the Mokka, the failure could be a entry of water into the connector address control module electronic brake. This could have some consequences as not to start the engine, loss of power steering and the ESP, corrosion of the circuit connector-mail or a short circuit that cause overheating in the control module of an electric brake.

General Motors, which owns Opel, is already putting in contact with the owners of affected vehicles. All defects will be repaired free. Still do not know the number of vehicles affected in our country, so that will have to wait to the official information of the brand.

Source – FACUA

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