The Opel Insignia Grand Sport debuts new generation of LED headlights Intellilux

Opel Insignia Grand Sport LED Intellilux Opel Insignia Grand Sport will be one of the best releases of the German mark during the year 2017. Although we still do not know much of him, we have already been able to see camouflaged and today appears by first discovered. It is located behind a tree, so that we can only see his headlamp. It is not casual, since the mark of the lightning want to announce that this model will premiere the new generation of LED headlights Intellilux.

This technology lighting matrix because we were able to learn first-hand when we tested the new Opel Astra. Although now that system has been improved and comes with 32 diode LED (16 on each side), instead of 16 (8 on each side) that has the current Astra. This will serve to enhance the power of the headlights, with the lights of the road set will allow us to see up to 400 meters ahead of where we are going.

Opel Insignia Grand Sport LED IntelliluxThe LED headlights Intellilux will continue to work as until now, adapting automatically and avoiding glare to the other drivers. Another of the advantages of the second generation is that it will be more intelligent, adapting the light beam to the rotation of the steering wheel and illuminating better curves. This will be one of the main new features of this five-door with the silhouette of the coupé, which will grow by 55 millimeters with respect to the current model.

Of time we also know that it will be lighter, with a loss of weight of about 175 kg. Also that subsequently will give rise to a alternative family and in addition to a family with a aspect off-road. To know the rest of the details, his final appearance, or its range of engines we will have to wait. What is more likely is that the Opel Insignia Grand Sport is presented in Geneva, in march of 2017.

Source – Opel

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