The Opel Insignia Grand Sport will be more lightweight, dynamic and agile than its predecessor

Opel Insignia Grand Sport

The new Opel Insignia Grand Sport will be more dynamic, lightweight and agile than its predecessor.

passing days, and little by little the distant Geneva motor show 2017 the month of march of the next year is closer to you. This event will be the venue chosen by Opel to present in society the new generation of the Badge. A model that, among other novelties, it will bring with it a change of name, which will be renamed Opel Insignia Grand Sport.

After presenting us the first details of the new Flagship Grand Sport with their prototypes validation, Opel returns to reveal new technical details of the new generation of its sedan. The German brand promises us a model much more lightweight, dynamic and agile than its predecessor. To do this, the new model of Opel will be a whole series of changes in all areas.

In the first place and speaking of the weight reduction, we know that the new Flagship will be up to 175 kilograms lighter. Obviously, this will result in a benefit both in handling and in performance and behavior. On the other hand, and following the comparison with the Opel Badge, the new Badge Grand Sport has increased his distance between axes of 92 mm.

Opel Insignia Grand Sport

The new Flagship Grand Sport will have the chassis adaptive FlexRide.

Another great news that will bring the new generation is the chassis adaptive FlexRide that allows you to change the damping, steering and propulsion automatically through the various driving modes selectable. In particular, we may choose between the following driving modes:

  • Standard. The automatic control selects the best settings based on the information gathered by the different sensors incorporated in the vehicle.
  • Tour. A comfortable setup with a few adjustments that can make a journey comfortable. Especially during long trips.
  • Sport. We are in the ideal configuration to get the most sporting of the Flagship Grand Sport. Adapts the behavior of the brakes, the chassis tilts considerably less when accelerating to high speeds.

The chassis FlexRide is able to adapt electrohidr√°ulicamente the shock absorbers to the road and driving situation 500 times per second, or 30,000 times per minute. In addition, the driver will be able to save your personal preferences in terms of the steering, throttle response and dampers through the button “Sport”.

Opel Insignia Grand Sport - interior

So is the interior (with camo) the new Opel Insignia Grand Sport.