The Opel Mokka 2017 shyly showing their new optical groups

These are the latest spy photos of the future update that you will receive the Opel Mokka, which we hope to present this as a model 2017. To date, the Mokka had been sighted while conducting tests, but its front part, allegedly with new bumpers and light clusters, always appeared camouflaged completely with tarps while the rear was completely uncovered without look no change. that is to say, the front was new and the rear which current is sold.

In these images it can be seen timidly, the first details of groups optical front of the Opel Mokka 2017. It seems that your new headlamps have LED technology, daytime running light and seems to be inspired by the new Opel Astra, as its pilots later.


Opel Mokka 2017: detail of the pilots later

As you can see your future update will not be more than a face wash while keeping the model as is in most of its aspects, although it is very likely that to incorporate a update multimedia system to offer more entertainment and chances to passengers aboard.