The Opel Mokka X has already received more than 100,000 requests

Prueba Opel Mokka X y Opel Zafira

Two months ago we attended the presentation of the new Opel Mokka X. this Is a update of the previous Opel Mokka, which have introduced several cosmetic changes to the exterior that give it a more serious, modifying also the interior with the introduction of new technologies and a new design, thus improving the active safety of the SUV German and facilitating the use of its systems and infotainment.

The Opel Mokka X belongs to the B-segment-SUV, a category that is very disputed and each time is gaining more momentum in the market european. Their dimensions are relatively contained with a cabin roomy and the ease of use presented by these vehicles contribute to that more and more customers like this kind of urban vehicles body higher.

Prueba Opel Mokka X y Opel Zafira

Opel Mokka arrived on the market in 2012, keeping in marketing for four years. At this time he was able to enroll a few 600,000 units at a global level, of the 35,000 would remain in Spain. It seems that the Opel Mokka X, that just leads on our roads a couple of months, will surpass the records of its predecessor. According to informs the own German brand, since it opened its booking period in may 2016, has already passed the 100,000 requests.

therefore, the new Opel Mokka X has become the third model of the brand if we stick to sales volume, lagged behind the best-selling Opel Astra and Opel Corsa. With respect to 2015, according to information provided by Opel, the sales of Opel Mokka and Mokka X have ensured that this vehicle is in the second place within the segment with a market share of 15 %, assuming this fact an increase of almost 36 % compared to the results obtained in 2015.

Opel Mokka
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