The other beauties of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show (perhaps they are not what you expected)

Son other beauties of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show you did not expect. Those able to eclipse the monumental display of sporting and launches all brands given away to visitors. Those able to make you lose half an hour, entranced, drooling, on a day so intense job for us as it is a Geneva. Nor speak of hostesses. The show, sometimes grotesque, and soaping apart, which we turn in some stands that make a car show something more akin to a local striptease . Although I must say that in many stands sanity prevailed, to the point of being impressed by the deployment of hostesses (and hostesses) who made some brands, tablet in hand, to inform journalists and resolve questions about their products. We talk about classics.

The Geneva Motor Show is not only the perfect place to contemplate the present and the future of the automobile, but also to review the most beautiful classics in the history stage.

Classical are also a good claim to attract people to your booth at Geneva . Although I am convinced sometimes, they are able to outshine the new products that manufacturers try diligently to present one of the most important international exhibitions each year. The classical, sometimes serve to show the evolution of a brand; in many cases, the birth of emblems today are already institution; and others, unfortunately, to show what has been ungrateful over time on many brands.

Dedicate a classic space, on the other hand, it is not easy. Especially in an international lounge where the square meter stand is priced expensive, very expensive . Even major manufacturers have their doubts when increasing or not your booth space. The most striking case is that of Lotus, which has been relegated to a smaller utilized by most coaches stand, some years ago only (as at the Paris Salon of 2012) surprised us with a Pharaonic deployment, which It proved costly to the British brand.



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