The owner of a Ferrari LaFerrari more stupid in the world

What a bad fall the powerful. Because many might hate this character by having that collection of cars is so impressive that he keeps in his Los Angeles home, which by the way could very well be Modern Family. But it is surely his conduct at the time of driving your Ferrari LaFerrari which deserves the title of stupid.

full Beverly Hills, with traffic, with pedestrians, and more cars parked, this guy can not think of another thing that get to do crazy things with their LaFerrari. first of all, it seems that does not overpower your own car, in addition to not having much appreciation, as are several highlights that are eaten with the low. It hurts just to hear it.

But beyond that, the uncle, followed by a servant no less seasoned intellectually, is dedicated to skip-STOP, getting in the crosses at full speed. But friend, is here when the Karma. Not only the Ferrari starts to smoke, that is not that seem like a great thing, but one of the neighbors called the Police and they are present on the house to see what happens. A shame that the video ends right there.


don’t you think of another thing that get to do crazy things in the neighborhood residential

What has been said, to have that money, and those cars (the truth is that it has a good collection), does not give you right to behave so. A gem of a neighbor. For something there is a saying that says that the owners of supercars are the worst drivers in the world. The money does not give the ability to ladies and gentlemen.