The owners of a Bentley will not have to go to refuel themselves

Bentley is not only characterized by selling luxury cars category but also offers a wide range of services and customer care that exudes excellence. In the search for new horizons in the treatment of the client and satisfaction of the same has initiated a new program that offers the possibility of fill the fuel tank without having to visit a gas station taking into account the tastes and preferences of its owner.

you will Not have to go to the gas station

time is the greatest gift you can offer to someone and you know that very well Bentley, it will offer the possibility of not losing our visiting a service station to feed the tank of our vehicles. The program will take place during a trial period of three months in California, USA with the collaboration of start-up local Filld.


The service will go to refuel your Bentley there where you are

“Filld for Bentley” is a service that works 24/7 to ask remotely the delivery of fuel in our vehicle when we want, where we want and as we want. From the mobile application customers Bentley made the request to the service in a given place and time, the system Connected Car, of our Bentley will be pre-warned and will allow the dealer to open the lid of the tank for delivery of fuel with total security. A similar technology to the delivery of postal packages in the trunk of our car using a code for opening temporary or single-use for these services. The price of the bill will be the fuel plus a plus by the delivery service.

This service offers a high level of comfort and peace of mind for their owners as if they need to use your vehicle and they are short of time you will not need to delay our meeting or appointment to go to a gas station, just while we are busy, the vehicle receives the fuel that it needs. Both companies foresee that later on there will be other extra services such as the ability to configure the vehicle for that in charge in a predictive manner a refill of fuel based on the preferences of the client in terms of minimum level of fuel, location, time, etc…


The fuel transfer will be made with total security for our vehicle

Bentley is more than just a vehicle, it is the entire experience of luxury. Our strategy Connected Car will continue to expand and innovate in order to further improve the life-style Bentley.” declares Christophe Georges, Director of Product and Marketing for Bentley. What Christopher Aubuchon, co-founder of Filld, he added: “Filld and Bentley share a vision of the future on the use of the powerful technology of the car connected. One day will eliminate the need for customers to refuel their own cars, eliminating the inconveniences and giving back more of your valuable time.

Vehicles like the Bentley Bentayga, the SUV more ostentatious of a series with an entry price of 202.112 euros in Spain, deserve no less. In fact, this vehicle already has remote functions from a Apple Watch as the climate control, heating of seats even to interact with the multimedia system remotely.