The Passionate about cars knows no age [video]

You have an old “. “ Stop your nonsense, you’re not a kid anymore “. What you may have said on occasion. If you have been, congratulations . Possibly you may have one enviable and enriching passion while others do not know what to do with their free time and use it to criticize other people’s passions. And no sadder thing than that. It is common for car aficionados call us “big kids”. If a Serb retiree has a real passion for the preparations and tuning , why not be able to enjoy them?

Boban Jovanovic is our new hero .

Our protagonist is a retired Serbian, who like many others at the time, emigrated to Germany to work in their factories prosperous . He worked for Volkswagen, in an assembly line of vehicles. His first car was a Beetle, which dismantled several times until all its intricacies. When it was time to return to Serbia, he brought a Volkswagen Golf GTI second generation, a then-coveted machine. And since then, the Golf was his darling, his only incurable obsession.

Jovanovic is a tuning fan, and all modifications carried out on the car have been worked by his own hands . Out door, his GTI has some training, but its engine has been deeply reworked and has a transparent cover. He has built a new dashboard, seats and installed an interior very racing. In the trunk, a powerful sound system emits house music and electronic music blaring. Can you imagine having a grandfather like that radical ?

I can only commend you to view the video – with English subtitles – where Boban himself tells his story and reflects on himself. A role model. If your passion is the tuning, does it make it a pensioner. May it be half as interesting as this man his age.

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