The Peel P50 is back on the market as the classic, hand-made

Peel P50

personal mobility is changing there is no doubt that. However we forget that in this life everything is invented and therefore we will not discover the wheel. With this I mean the means of transport personal to the city. These each day that passes are more congesionadas and to solve this problem speaking of collective transport, new vehicles one-man electrical or even inventions more rare.

Many of us perhaps because we do not agree to the Peel P50. This vehicle was a microcar designed by Cyril Cannell and manufactured by the british company Peel Engineering Company. It was launched to the market in the year 1962 and was in production until 1965, was sold as a means of transportation for a person and a bag as checked luggage. Thanks to its conception and measures is known worldwide for being the smaller car in the history according to the Guinness World Records.

Peel P50

however, as it happens with fashion and old returns to the present, the Peel P50 is back in the streets. Your manufacturer is going to resurrect but this time dress classic as their manufacture will be to hand by the workers of his factory. Each model will adapt perfectly to the tastes of each client, and therefore, the best way to do this is to hand. With this, this model returns to the present to remind us of old times.

The model of the 60’s had an engine of 49 cubic centimeters and 4.5 hp manufactured by DKW. With him the Peel P50 could reach up to 55 kilometers per hour in the traffic conditions more favorable. However, to his resurrection, the mark has not been mentioned that mechanical will now; although it is very likely that you use some block of motorcycle, or even one that is powered by batteries.

Source – Peel Enfineering